7 Low Maintenance Pet Breeds For Adults With 9 To 5 Office Jobs

Roborovski Hamster: Shy and observant, low maintenance, requires individual belongings and ample cage space.

Syrian Hamster: Unsociable, seeks human attention, needs a large wheel and space for exercise.

Winter White Hamster: Sociable, prefers same-gender housing, active, requires a spacious cage with interactive accessories and stimulating toys.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster: Adaptable sleeping hours, loves to play, prone to diabetes, needs a large wheel and various toys.

Gerbil: Social animals, thrive in pairs or groups, require a stimulating environment with toys and daily removal of stale food.

Guinea Pig: Social, short-haired breeds for low maintenance, needs hay bedding, daily replacement of food and water, and regular interaction.

Holland Lop Rabbit: Energetic, requires frequent brushing during shedding, playtime outside the cage.