7 Hairstyles for Greasy Hair That Will Hide Oily Roots

Messy Bun: A quick and effortless option suitable for all hair types, perfect for concealing greasy strands by styling hair upward and away from the face.

Low Bun: Achieve an elegant and polished look by gathering hair at the nape of the neck, forming a low ponytail, and wrapping it into a bun secured with bobby pins, finished with hairspray to tame frizz.

Sleek Side Bun: Add a touch of hair gel to roots, brush hair to one side, secure with a side ponytail, twist the length into a bun, and secure with pins for a sleek and asymmetrical style.

Space Buns: Embrace a playful and carefree vibe with this trendy bun style that effortlessly masks greasy tresses, perfect for spicing up your look.

Brun (Braid Bun): Combine a braid with a classic bun for an intricate-looking style with minimal effort, achieved by creating a high ponytail, braiding halfway down, and wrapping the braid around the base of the ponytail.

Double Dutch Braids: Upgrade your braided look with double Dutch braids, keeping strands stylishly tucked away and disguising greasy or fourth-day hair.

Double Dutch Low Bun: Master the double Dutch braids and transition into a statement-making double Dutch low bun, weaving a beautiful pattern and securing into a bun at the nape of the neck, perfect for concealing greasy hair while making a fashion statement.