7 Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

Dry your hair

Use a cloth or tissue paper to absorb rainwater, preventing dampness and reducing dirt.

Avoid hair binding Instead of tying wet hair, let it dry naturally to prevent dampness and unpleasant smells.

Blow the hair completely Use a hairdryer to completely dry the hair after rain, preventing musty odors or mold, and finish with a hair serum.

Use a large comb to comb the hair To prevent breakage, use a large comb to gently organize wet hair weakened by rain.

Do not touch your hair too often Avoid excessive combing, as it stimulates the scalp to produce excess oil, resulting in oily hair once dried.

Ferment the hair to wash dirt Create a baking soda solution to wash away dirt from rainwater; massage into wet hair before regular shampooing.

Complete hair wash Thoroughly wash hair with warm water, use gentle shampoo, massage, apply conditioner or treatment, marinate, and rinse with cold water for beautiful, rain-recovered hair.