7 Endangered Animals You Need to See Before They Disappear

Red Pandas: Red Pandas are slightly larger than a typical house cat, with reddish-brown fur and bushy tails. They enjoy mountainous forests, feed on bamboo, fruits, and acorns, and are typically found in zoos like Birmingham Zoo and Bronx Zoo.

Sumatran Tigers: These tigers are distinguished by their deep orange coats with black streaks. With less than 400 remaining in the wild, they are critically endangered due to deforestation and poaching.

Leatherback Turtles: The largest turtles in the world, Leatherback Turtles grow up to seven feet long and weigh over 2,000 pounds. Critically endangered due to bycatch and habitat loss, they undertake long migrations of up to 3,700 miles.

Hyacinth Macaw: These parrots, native to South America, are known for their gentle temperament and long length of over 3 feet. They are endangered due to the caged bird trade and habitat loss, and can be seen in zoos like Akron Zoological Park and Nashville Zoo.

Cross River Gorillas: With only 200-300 individuals left in the wild, these gorillas are found in Cameroon and Nigeria. They are threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting, and can be seen in zoos like North Carolina Zoo and San Diego Zoo.

Black Rhinoceros: Once targeted by European hunters, Black Rhinos are now endangered with only around 5,000 left. They are found in southern Africa and are threatened by poaching. Zoos like Atlanta Zoo and Denver Zoo house them.

Amur Leopards: These leopards, found in northeast China and eastern Russia, are known for their speed and nocturnal habits. With as few as 70 adults left, they are critically endangered and can be seen in zoos like Audubon Zoo and San Diego Zoo.