7 Elegant Formal Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2024

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Braid Wrapped High Bun: Achieve an elegant look by wrapping a braid around a high bun, secured with bobby pins and hairspray for a polished finish.

Space Bun: Create a formal hairstyle by parting hair down the center, making two pigtails, teasing lightly, twisting each pigtail into a bun, and securing with hair ties and hairspray.

Low Bun: Opt for a classic low bun by curling hair lightly, gathering it at the back, securing with bobby pins, and spritzing with hairspray for a timeless look, perfect for various occasions.

Accessorized Low Bun: Elevate a low bun with accessories like a headband and barrette, achieved by curling hair, twisting sections, tucking them into the headband, and securing with pins and hairspray for added charm.

Crossed Half Updo: Create a romantic crossed half updo by teasing hair for volume, twisting and pinning sections, and accessorizing with a starfish-like barrette, perfect for a special occasion or event.

Dreamy Updo: Achieve a dreamy updo by curling hair, weaving it into braids, wrapping sections into a bun, and accessorizing with floral hair accessories for a fresh and elegant look.

Rolled-In Mohawk: Make a statement with a rolled-in mohawk by applying gel foam, brushing hair towards the center, curling sections with a round brush, and accessorizing with fancy U-pins for a bold and stylish appearance.