7 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your Walks

Walk with intention

Plan your weekly walks: Mon-Interval walk, Tue-Light walk with friend, Wed-45min steady walk, Thu-Mindful walk, Fri-Music walk. Short walks boost mood!

Climb hills

Change up your walking route or treadmill incline to burn more calories and tone your muscles. Samantha Clayton suggests adding hills or increasing incline for better results.

Enlist a buddy

Making your walking workouts fun helps you stick with them. Having a friend join you can make it enjoyable. Try meeting up for walks or chatting on the phone while walking.

Incorporate interval training

Interval training is when you switch between intense and easy exercises. It's not just fun but also makes your body work harder in less time. For example, walk fast for 45 seconds, then slow for 30 seconds, and repeat.

Time yourself—and beat yourself

Walk your favorite trail faster each time. Beat your time by 15 seconds, then 30 seconds. Challenge yourself!

Plan your music in advance

Music boosts exercise motivation. Make playlists with tunes that match your workout type for best results. Choose steady beats for endurance, powerful music for intervals.

Take to the trails

Walking on uneven trails boosts awareness, balance, burns more calories, and strengthens small muscles.