7 Dreamy Small Garden Ideas to Try on a Budget

Lined Circle

Arched Trellis

Create a focal point in your garden with an arched trellis covered in climbing vines. Plant different crops on each side but ensure proper spacing for airflow.

Raised Beds

Opt for raised garden beds for better soil drainage and easier maintenance. They're suitable for beginners and can be placed in various locations, including the backyard, front yard, or patio.

Terra-Cotta Pots

Save ground space by displaying colorful flowers in tiered terra-cotta planters. Consider arranging them in a rainbow pattern for added visual appeal.

Sun Catcher

Add cheer to your garden with a hand-crafted sunflower sun catcher. Use a wooden flower, acrylic paint, and sparkling beads to create this delightful outdoor decoration.

Vinyl Gutters

Hang flower-filled planters from the porch using white vinyl gutters and nylon rope. This hanging garden solution is perfect for small spaces and adds charm to your outdoor area.

Plant Supports

Help your crops grow taller and straighter with metal support stakes. Elevating plants off the ground improves sunlight exposure and adds visual interest to your garden.

Wheelbarrow Garden

Repurpose an old wheelbarrow into a rustic flower garden. Drill drainage holes in the bottom for easy watering and mobility.