7 Delicious Dishes To Try In Ecuador (& Where To Find Them)

Ceviche in Guayaquil: A must-try Ecuadorian delicacy, ceviche in Guayaquil offers a delightful blend of white fish, onions, avocados, and tomatoes marinated in citrus juice, showcasing the rich coastal flavors of the region.

Tuna Tartare With Avocado: At Bodega Dos Hemisferos in Guayaquil, indulge in the modern twist on Ecuadorian cuisine with scrumptious tuna tartare, highlighting the freshness of locally sourced tuna paired with creamy avocado.

Seafood Soup at Restaurante Rafaelito: Enjoy a seafood extravaganza at this beachfront restaurant, featuring a delectable medley of shrimp, clams, whitefish, and octopus, served with rice and fried plantains, while soaking in stunning Pacific Ocean views.

Traditional Ecuadorian Dishes at Iche Culinary School: Immerse yourself in the fusion of traditional and modern Ecuadorian cuisine at Iche Culinary School, where indigenous cooking techniques meet state-of-the-art kitchens, offering a culinary journey like no other.

Quinoa Soup in Quito: Experience the warmth and comfort of Andean cuisine with a hearty bowl of quinoa soup at Hacienda Jimenita near Quito, blending cultural staples of quinoa and potatoes in a cozy setting surrounded by emerald-green hummingbirds.

Empanadas: Savor the flavors of Ecuadorian street food with golden-fried empanadas, filled with an array of options such as cheese, beef, fish, or chicken, providing a delicious handheld treat for food enthusiasts.

Carrot Cake with Raspberry Sauce at Hacienda Jimenita: Conclude your culinary journey with a unique dessert experience at Hacienda Jimenita, indulging in a sweet carrot cake served with vibrant raspberry sauce and rose petals, amidst lush gardens and the presence of Ecuador's beautiful birds.