7 College Hair Hacks For The Tired College Student

Stylish Winter Hats: Protect your hair from harsh winter weather while adding a fashionable accessory to your look.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day: Opt for less frequent hair washing to preserve natural oils and improve hair health, saving time and money.

Heatless Curling Methods: Explore heatless curling techniques such as overnight hair curlers or curling with socks for a simple and budget-friendly way to achieve curls.

Utilize Easy and Protective Styling: Incorporate braided hairstyles to protect hair from harsh elements, complemented by clips, beanies, or hats for added style and protection.

Trimming Your Hair: Regular trims help maintain hair health by preventing split ends and breakage, promoting faster growth without sacrificing length.

Simple Quick Hairstyles: Experiment with easy hairstyles like braids, sleek ponytails, undercuts, or half-up styles for a stylish and professional look without spending a lot of time or money.

Accessorize: Elevate your hairdo with stylish accessories like clips, scarves, hats, ribbons, or scrunchies to add flair without extensive styling, with scarves providing extra protection in winter.