7 Chocolate Dessert Wonders from Grandma's Kitchen

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Black Bottom Pie

Indulge in Grandma’s decadent Black Bottom Pie: a rich chocolate layer meets velvety rum-infused custard, topped with whipped cream for a timeless treat.

Chocolate Macaroon Pie

Experience the delightful harmony of cocoa-infused crust and luxurious coconut filling in Grandma’s Chocolate Macaroon Pie—a true dessert masterpiece.

No Bake Brownies

Whip up simple yet timeless No Bake Brownies for a rich, fudgy flavor without the need for an oven—perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth with ease.

Grasshopper Pie

Enjoy the nostalgic charm of Grasshopper Pie—a no-bake delight featuring an Oreo crust filled with creme de menthe, creme de cacao, marshmallows, and Cool Whip.

Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza

Travel back in time with vintage Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza, boasting a cookie crust loaded with chocolate chips and marshmallows—a crowd-pleaser for potlucks and parties.

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Transport yourself to yesteryear with Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake—a dense, flavorful delight perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

Chocolate Milkshake

Satisfy your craving for a cool homemade treat with Grandma’s quick and easy Chocolate Milkshake Recipe—whip it up in no time with just a blender and a handful of ingredients.