7 Cape Cod Houses That Showcase Classic American Style

History of Cape Cod Homes            The origins of Cape Cod houses date back to the 1600s when the first Puritan settlers arrived in America. The humble architecture is similar to an English cottage.

Cape Cod House Updates Traditionally, the space under the roof of a Cape Cod house wasn't used as a livable second story. Later, dormers became a useful solution for many Cape Cod homeowners to expand living space.

Simple Cape Cod Houses Cape Cod homes are defined by their simple shapes and limited exterior ornamentation. They are typically built with side-gabled roofs, which feature sloped sides along the front and back and pitched triangular areas.

Small Cape Cod Houses Historically, Cape Cod houses were modestly sized homes with one to one-and-a-half stories. The relatively low ceilings made the buildings easier to heat during the winter. 

Symmetrical Cape Cod House Plans Many Cape Cod houses are recognizable for symmetrical front windows: two windows on one side of the front door and two on the other side. 

Modern Cape Cod Houses A lack of resources, time, and money were some of the factors that originally made the intimate size of Cape Cod-style houses so popular. You'll now find modern Cape Cod houses.

Additions to Cape Cod Houses Unlike the Victorian homes popular in the earlier part of the 20th century, Cape Cod homes are distinguished by their symmetrical designs. This often applies to the exterior as well as the interior layout.