7 Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises To Relieve The Pain

1. Pec/Doorway Stretch              When tight chest muscles pull the shoulder joint forward and downward, it reduces space between the shoulder bones, leading to more shoulder impingement.

2. Wall Angel Many individuals struggle to raise their arms overhead without compromising their neck and upper back posture. 

3. Foam Roller Stretch Combining a pec stretch with overhead movement promotes good posture and shoulder mobility. This exercise helps in teaching the body proper postural habits.

4. Thoracic Rotation Upper back rotation is crucial for various movements such as throwing a ball or swinging a golf club. This exercise isolates the movement to the upper back.

5. Scapula Push-up Strengthening the upper back helps keep the shoulder blades closer to the spine, preventing them from slipping forward and upward, which can cause impingement. 

6. I's, Y's, and T's Activating the upper back muscles through various movements is essential for maintaining proper posture and preventing shoulder impingement.

7. Banded External Rotation External rotation exercises are beneficial for shoulder impingement. Using a mini band loop or creating one with an existing band, perform this exercise to strengthen the muscles.