7 Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises To Relieve The Pain

Wall Slides: Performed by standing facing a wall, holding a towel with each hand, and sliding hands up the wall, beneficial for scapular stabilization.

Shoulder Scaption: Involves raising arms in a 'V' shape with 1-pound dumbbells in each hand, aiding shoulder mobility when performed 10-12 times twice a day.

Posterior Capsular Stretch: This done by extending the affected arm in front, bringing it across the body with the help of the other hand, and holding the stretch for a count of 5.

Side-Lying External Rotation: Targets shoulder strengthening by lying on the unaffected side, holding a 1-pound dumbbell with the other arm, and moving the arm up while keeping the elbow close to the body.

Internal Rotation: Utilizes a resistance therapy band attached to a door handlebar, aiding shoulder injury prevention by pulling the band towards the chest while keeping the elbow close to the body

Levator Scapulae Stretch: A shoulder impingement exercise involving sitting on a chair, placing a hand behind the shoulders, and turning the head towards the opposite direction to feel the stretch.

Open Books: A shoulder joint exercise performed lying on the side with knees at 90 degrees, lifting the top arm and rotating onto the opposite side without moving the lower torso.