7 Best Roadside Restaurants In The South

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NFA Burger: Awarded the best burger in Atlanta, NFA Burger at a suburban gas station offers the Classic Double Burger with two beef patties, pickles, American cheese, mustard, and Sassy Sauce on a Martin’s Potato Roll.

Caffe REL: Attached to a gas station, Caffe REL surprises with fine French cuisine, offering a menu from Rosemary Infused Gruyere Mac & Cheese to Pork Osso Bucco for dinner.

Roy’s Grille: Chef Chris Williams's Roy’s Grille serves up real Southern barbecue with unique twists, like the Carolina Korean Cheesesteak, placing 8th at the 2022 World Food Championships.

Fat Tiger Korean BBQ & More: Despite its rustic appearance, Fat Tiger specializes in Korean cuisine with classics like bulgogi and bibimbap, alongside fusion dishes like Fat Tiger Loaded Fries.

B.E. Scott’s BBQ: Known for whole-hog, hickory-smoked pit barbecue, B.E. Scott’s BBQ offers classic Southern sides and jumbo sandwiches that make for a perfect road trip stop.

Bates House of Turkey: A legendary stop since 1969, Bates House of Turkey serves up the “best turkey sandwich you’ll have in your life” alongside their famous Roast Turkey Dinner every day.

Caro-Mi Dining Room: A unique dining spot on Highway 176, Caro-Mi offers a variety of dishes from mountain rainbow trout to Carolina country ham, with a charming covered bridge entrance.