7 Best Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger And Stylish

Textured Pixie: Sharon Lawrence showcases a stunning textured pixie cut that adds volume and dimension to her hair. The textured waves at the crown and forehead soften fine lines and create thickness, making it an ideal choice for those with thinning hairlines.

Bangs All The Way: Halle Berry exemplifies The French Facelift with her softly feathered fringe, a flattering choice for women over 40. The feathered ends add focus to the eyes without completely covering the forehead, making it an ideal option for oval face shapes.

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob: Uma Thurman showcases a timeless asymmetrical bob that complements her style impeccably. Opting for a bob with a subtle angle and choosing.

Naturally Straight: Kelly Hu embraces her confidence with a naturally straight hairstyle styled with a slightly deconstructed parting. For those with round faces, parting the hair on the opposite side of the natural parting can add volume and dimension to the tresses.

Tousled Side-Swept Bangs: Kate Winslet flaunts a tousled, side-swept look that adds dreamy texture to her appearance, enhancing depth and volume to her gorgeous face. Using a texturizing product on the bangs helps maintain the bouncy effect.

Braid It: Nicole Kidman exudes sophistication with a simple braid adorned with a side parting. The upturned hair adds volume and frames the face beautifully, creating an effortlessly elegant look.

Half Ponytail With No Parting: Marcia Cross demonstrates the simplicity of a classy half ponytail, ideal for women over 40. Adding volume at the top with light teasing creates a balanced look that draws attention away from a long forehead without the need for bangs.