7 Best Funky Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2024

1. Tousled Pixie                             Stand out with a deep, side-parted tousled pixie. The contrast between dark roots and blonde ends creates a striking look. Add accent braids for extra flair and finish with texturizing spray for a spunky vibe.

2. Finger Waves Achieve a vintage edge with finger waves, perfect for a retro-inspired look. Pair with a flapper dress and bold red lips for added glamour. Use lightweight gel to maintain the style.

3. Crazy Buzz Cut Embrace a bold statement with a daring buzz cut. Opt for very short hair all over for a striking appearance.

4. Flying Ponytail Braid Create a standout look with a stiff, wavy ponytail braid. Elevate the base of the braid for a unique flying effect, adding texture as you go.

5. Highlighted Wispy Bob Achieve a chic boho vibe with a highlighted wispy bob. Thin, wavy layers are enhanced with random highlights for added dimension.

6. Tied Purple Hair With Shaved Sides Try an edgy look with shaved sides and a deep purple center-top hair. Tying it with an elastic band adds an extra touch of funkiness.

7. Vibrant Multicolored Textured Locks Stand out with vibrant, multicolored textured locks. This short, multicolored bob is perfect for those with a playful personality, adding vibrancy and flair to your style.