7 amazing animal sanctuaries in the U.S.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary | Utah: America’s largest no-kill shelter, offering a home for 1,600 rescued animals with adoption and rehabilitation programs.

The Elephant Sanctuary | Tennessee: Provides a peaceful retirement home for elephants retired from zoos and circuses, while educating the public about elephant welfare.

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary | Georgia: Rescues abused horses, providing a safe haven for over 300 animals to heal and thrive.

Farm Sanctuary | New York: Home to 800 rescued farm animals, offering educational tours and inspiring stories of resilience.

Chimp Haven | Louisiana: Provides a natural sanctuary for retired chimpanzees, fostering social bonds and enriching environments.

Goats of Anarchy | New Jersey: Sanctuary for special needs goats and animals, sharing heartwarming stories on social media.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary | New Jersey: Rescues animals from slaughterhouses, offering personalized care on a 232-acre property.