10 Must-Have Easy Toddler Hairstyles in 2 Minutes

Colorful Pigtails Easy Hairstyle

This entertaining look requires colorful hair ties. Put medium-to-long hair in high pigtails. Repeat until each pigtail touches the ground with another hair tie a few inches down.

Colorful Headband Easy Hairstyle

A headband (with or without a bow) keeps hair out of the face easily. Plus: Colorful!

Braided Buns Easy Hairstyle

Start with braids to elevate double buns. Secure with hairpins as you twist. Straight backs and sleeker styles look cleaner than sloppy buns.

Double Daisy Braids Easy Hairstyle

For a party or a special day out, add sweet flowers to double braids. Use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Front Side Ponytail

We love this quirky front side ponytail for casual daily hair. Brush hair away from the face and construct a side ponytail at the part. You can bow or ribbon it.

Side Banded Ponytail

Pull back her gorgeous hair with leave-in conditioner and colorful hair ties for hot summer days.

French Braid

A basic French braid is popular for a reason. It suits most hair types and may be styled up or down.

Top Knot 

Pull hair into a ponytail high on the head and twist it into a bun. If needed, use bobby pins or an extra hair elastic at the base.

Flower Crown

Daisy chain-turned-flower crowns make any female prettier. This style is excellent for a picnic, wedding, birthday party, or outdoor enjoyment.