10 Common Myths About Cats

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

While cats have a unique ability to twist their bodies during a fall, it's a myth that they always land on their feet.

Cats Have Nine Lives

This myth likely originated from the cat's agility and ability to survive accidents. 

Cats Can't Be Trained

Cats are intelligent animals and can be trained using positive reinforcement. 

Cats Hate Water

While many cats may be averse to water, there are exceptions. Some cats don't mind water, and some breeds, like the Turkish Van, even enjoy swimming.

Cats Always Purr When Happy

While purring can indicate contentment, cats may also purr when stressed, in pain, or unwell.

Cats Are Solitary Animals

While cats can be independent, many enjoy social interactions with their owners and other cats. 

Cats Love Milk

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats are lactose intolerant. However, many adult cats are, and giving them milk can lead to digestive issues.

Cats Can't Get Along with Dogs

While there may be initial challenges, many cats and dogs can live harmoniously in the same household with proper introductions and supervision.

Cats Should Eat Only Dry Food

While dry cat food is convenient, a balanced diet can include wet food or a combination of both. 

Cats "Knead" Because They Were Weaned Early

While some cats knead due to early weaning, others do it for comfort or as a sign of contentment throughout their lives.


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