10 Best 70's Famous Hairstyles That Are In Demand Today

Shaggy Layers: The 70s brought the rise of shaggy layered hairstyles, characterized by textured and feathered cuts. This style remains popular for its relaxed and effortless look.

Farrah Fawcett Waves: Farrah Fawcett's iconic feathered waves were a sensation in the 70s and are still sought after today for their glamorous and bouncy appeal.

Afros: The 70s saw the embrace of natural hair, with the afro becoming a symbol of pride and style. Today, afros continue to be celebrated for their bold and voluminous look.

Mullet: While the mullet has evolved over the years, its roots in the 70s are undeniable. Modern variations of the mullet are making a comeback

Pixie Cut: Popularized by stars like Mia Farrow, the pixie cut from the 70s remains a chic and timeless choice for those seeking a short and low-maintenance hairstyle.

Bob with Bangs: The classic bob with bangs was a staple in the 70s, and its versatility makes it a timeless option that continues to be in demand today.

Cher's Long Straight Hair: Cher's sleek, long straight hair was iconic in the 70s and is still admired for its polished and sophisticated look.

Punk Rock Hairstyles: The rebellious punk rock hairstyles of the 70s, featuring bold colors and unconventional cuts, have influenced modern edgy and alternative styles.

Cornrows: The 70s marked the popularization of cornrows, and this timeless braided style is still embraced today for its cultural significance and versatility.

Roller Sets and Waves: The use of rollers to create waves and curls was a prevalent trend in the 70s. This technique is still utilized today for achieving classic, elegant hairstyles

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